The garage a.k.a. the "Man Cave"

So most of the projects have come to a stand still for the moment. This is mostly because I have to rearrange my garage, or "Man Cave". The few square meters I have have to be used with a 100% effectivity. 

But I had the chance to work on some new PDF files, that are up now, so these, especially the bicycle ones are really good reference material. 

I have still a few more that I will put up the next few days. But time is always short. On the 28th of September, there is the Gothenburg Tweed Ride, witch I have to be in, and I would really need to get cracking on one of my vintage bikes that I bought this summer.  Some more pictures will be up regarding that project pretty soon. I also have to try using nickel acid to make some of the parts all new looking. Never done that before, so it is gonna be very interesting as well.

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